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VASAVI ELECTRONICS specialize in  Automatic Test Equipment , Automatic Test Equipment for Transformers , Automatic Transformer tester , 200KHz Transformer tester, Automatic Relay Tester , Automatic Test Equipment for Relays ,  Test & measuring Instruments  for Transformers , coils , relays , capacitors and cables , Turns counter , LCR Meter , High Frequency LCR Meter ,  Digital Turns Tester and Digital LCR Meter with transformation ratio platform for transformers , Coil & Transformer Test Equipment , Coil Testing , Toroidal  turns Tester , Toroidal Turns Counter , Bobbin Turns tester , Bobbin turns counter , Coil Turns tester , Coil Turns Counter , Automatic SMPS Test System , Automatic SMPS Adapter test system, Programmable Electronic DC Load 30A, Programmable DC Power Supply, 100KHz LCR Meters, 200KHz LCR Meters, Hi Pot and Insulation Resistance tester, Handheld LCR Meter.

Company Profile

Vasavi Electronics was established in early 70’s. Vasavi is led by a team of highly qualified managers and research engineers with decades of experience in instrumentation field. Vasavi Electronics surpasses international competition by orienting the products to the present trends. Vasavi Electronics is proud for its first introduction of Digital LCR Meters in India during early 70’s. After its successful launch of LCR meters ,  started increasing product range like Frequency Generators , Oscilloscopes , Digital Meters . etc and wide range of import substitute instruments.

During early 90’s Vasavi has realized the importance of Computer  controls and automation in testing . So it has with drawn many of the non profit and low value items. As a replacement it has introduced novel concepts in component testing with inexpensive solutions that tune with Indian requirements.  Vasavi Electronics started taking up challenging projects on software controlled Automatic Test Equipments..

Our Strength

Our strength lies in the family of dedicated,  young, energetic , qualified and experienced professionals who have pioneered both software and electronics instrumentation. Technological innovation is our passion. We undertake only  challenging and specialized projects for customizing Test Automation.

We have developed strong technical competence in this emerging field. Vasavi Electronics has become a highly successful business leader due to a simple philosophy “Tune the product to specific needs of the customer with  reliable, inexpensive and excellent personalized services.”

Our Mission

To reach the complete needs of customer by providing best product with best quality at right time in the field of instrumentation and industrial testing solutions.

Our Philosophy    : Total customer satisfaction.


Automatic Test Equipment for Transformers , Automatic Transformer tester , Automatic Relay Tester , Automatic Test Equipment for Relay 200KHz Transformer tester, Test & measuring Instruments  for Transformers, coils, relays, capacitors and cables, Turns counter , LCR Meter , Digital Turns Tester and Digital LCR Meter with transformation ratio platform for transformers, Coil & Transformer Test Equipment, Coil Testing, Toroidal  turns Tester, Toroidal Turns Counter , Bobbin Turns tester , Bobbin turns counter , Coil Turns tester, Coil Turns Counter, Automatic SMPS Test System, Automatic SMPS Adapter test system. 100KHz LCR Meters, 200KHz LCR Meters, Hi Pot and Insulation Resistance tester, Programmable DC Power Supply, Handheld LCR Meter. 


VASAVI ELECTRONICS has been supplying to several large manufacturers through out India including multinational companies and 100% Export oriented units. Most of the ferrite-transformer manufacturers in India are using Vasavi automatic test equipment. Vasavi specially designed automatic equipment for testing aerospace relays being manufactured by CII Guardian who are the Indian associates of TYCO Electronics, USA. Designed equipment for auto testing of  signaling relays used in Indian railways.  

With the modernization and computerization of every field, now it is time for atomization of testing even for small manufacturing companies. The experience in both instrumentation and computerization have helped Vasavi to revolutionize the test automation even for small component manufacturers by the most economical and viable solutions.

Having supplied to several hundreds of Indian customers, Vasavi is now looking for the export market or associations by large foreign marketing companies/brands.



Vasavi electronics is located at HYDERABAD , a capital city of Andhra Pradesh province in India. Hyderabad has been in lime light  in the international hardware and software map,  since 90's. Hyderabad can be treated as a geographic center of India, fully connected through Air, Railway and  Road network to most of the Indian industrial cities. It takes hardly one hour by air to the major industrial cities of India viz., MUMBAI (BOMBAY), BANGALORE, CHENNAI, VIZAG, PUNE. It takes less than two hours by air to DELHI (the capital city of India and the industrial giant of India), KOLKATA the old industrial metro of India.

Factory site:

Vasavi electronics owns one acres (43,000 sq ft.)  area with built up factory of  5,000 sq ft.  located in the notified industrial area which is a part of Hyderabad city close to center of the city, hardly 12 KM from the central railway station and 35 KM from the airport. It takes 30 minutes ride to reach the factory from the air port and central railway station. 

Administrative and R&D site:

Vasavi Electronics has a city administrative office and R&D CENTER  with 3,500 sq. ft. built up  area well furnished with computer networking. This office is located extremely close to the Central railway station. It may take hardly 4 minutes drive.

Service Centers:

India has 4 metros. KOLKATA has only historical importance with old and forgotten industries. CHENNAI is very close to HYDERABAD. DELHI and MUMBAI together have 65% to 70% of  the Electronics Industrial activity of India.

Vasavi has service centers both at DELHI and  MUMBAI. 

Industrial site at Hardware park:

Close to the upcoming international air port, Government has set up an industrial Hardware park in which Vasavi has applied for site.

Directors own several acres of land close to industrial activity and new International Air port that can be used for industrial and office expansion.  




No.95, 1st Floor, Road No.6A, Jyothi Colony, SECUNDERABAD - 500 015 (T.S), INDIA

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